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Stephen B. Rotter

Stephen B. Rotter is a Partner with The Workplace Counsel.  He assists his clients in all aspects of workplace issues, including setting up businesses, advising on employment issues, ensuring workplace protection, and litigating unfair claims.

Mr. Rotter leverages his employment law knowledge and prosecutorial experience to advise, defend, and litigate on behalf of clients in the following areas:

  • Ensuring businesses properly comply with ethical and legal obligations from initial implementation to ongoing duties.

  • Providing advice and counsel related to wage and hour laws, discrimination matters, workplace issues, employment law hurdles, and launching business initiatives.

  • Defending against state and federal agency investigations and charges - both civil and criminal.

  • Conducting internal investigations related to employee claims or wrongdoing, and providing post-investigation recommendations.

  • Creating workplace protection programs, including assessment, development, and training.

  • Prosecuting restrictive covenant cases, including trade secrets.

  • Pursuing employee fraud, theft, and embezzlement claims on behalf of employers, in addition to litigating restrictive covenant matters.



The Workplace Counsel is committed to providing high quality and effective legal representation in all matters involving workplace law issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.