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We endeavor to provide practical solutions our clients can actually use to achieve positive results or favorable resolutions to disputes, so they can focus on growing successful businesses. Likewise, we strive to be efficient and truly partner with our clients to learn and understand each company's unique culture, values, and individual employees. 

Our Resources Include:

The Workplace Counsel leverages a wide range of resources, including of attorneys, consultants, and experts, in order provide our clients the highest level of service involving everything workplace-related.  Our intentional and specific partnerships allow us to seamlessly pass on cost and time savings to our clients, and to provide the expertise our clients need and expect, including:

  • Business Law Attorneys, including Linden Law Partners
  • Current and Former Prosecutors
  • Employee Benefits Attorneys and Consultants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Human Resources Consultants, including Human Resources Plus and Obsidian HR
  • Immigration Law Attorneys
  • Professional Employer Organizations, including Partners PEO
  • Professional Sport Agents
  • SHRM Recertification Providers


    The Workplace Counsel is committed to providing high quality and effective legal representation in all matters involving workplace law issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.