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What is Worklaw Network?

Worklaw Network is an international network of law firms representing employers and management in all areas of labor and employment law.  Each member firm is a labor and employment "boutique."  All we do is labor and employment law, so we have to be quite good at it.

Why is Worklaw Network a better choice?  

Worklaw Network offers employers the benefits of a large, multi-national law firm without the drawback.  Worklaw firms are not small departments contained within massive general practice firms, nor are they outposts of national firms which often have high associate to partner ratios and high turnover rates.

Collectively, Worklaw Network operates 34 offices in 27 U.S. states plus Canada, Europe and India. Every firm is a local firm with strong ties to the local legal community, providing knowledge of the local landscape where employers have operations.  Worklaw Network lawyers are familiar with the labor unions and officials; federal and state judges and court practices; national, state and provincial boards and commissions; the plaintiff's bar; and lawmakers in their locales; and they have the resources to obtain similar firsthand information about other geographic areas.

How does a firm become a member of Worklaw Network?

Founded in 1989, Worklaw Network includes firms with some of the most prominent management labor and employment attorneys in the country. It was established to provide member firms with a forum in which to exchange information on legal and practice issues. Worklaw Network maintains rigorous recruiting standards for its member firms. Membership is by invitation only, and gives a virtual “seal of approval” for management side labor and employment firms, indicative of a firm's expertise and quality.

Every U.S. Worklaw firm is AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell.  The Network collectively boasts over 100 of the "Best Lawyers in America."  Worklaw Network members are also collectively recognized panel counsel for every major insurance company in the United States.

What is The Workplace Counsel's Role With Worklaw Network?

The Workplace Counsel is proud to be the exclusive Colorado member firm of Worklaw® Network since 2014. Partner, Jennifer Gokenbach, is the Chair of the Amicus and Diversity Committees of Worklaw Network. 

Twice a year, attorneys from each member firm meet in a different city to collaborate and learn about important issues affecting employers across the country and internationally. In 2020, The Workplace Counsel was honored to receive the organization's C3 Award.  The C3 award is given to the firm that best exemplifies and advances Worklaw Network's primary goals -- collegiality, commerce and collaboration (the three C's). 

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